Graphical Actions on CATIA V4 Documents

This task shows you how to perform graphical actions in ENOVIA V5 VPM on CATIA V4 and CATIA V5 documents thanks to the interoperability toolbar.
The interoperability toolbar can be accessed in ENOVIA Product Editor, by selecting the Interoperability  icon amongst the list available from the top icon of the vertical toolbar.

The toolbar displaying the graphical actions looks like this:

Icon Name Select this icon to...
Show show document(s)
Hide hide document(s)
Close in CATIA V4 close the document(s) in CATIA
Highlight highlight document(s)
Remove Highlight remove highlight on document(s)
Transparent set the model as transparent
Opaque set the model as opaque
Set color set color on document(s), using a native java color chooser
  • The No-show icon is not available when the model is active in CATIA V4.
  • The Transparent and Opaque  icons are not implemented in CATIA V4, they are valid for CATIA V5 application only.
  • The Close icon is only available in CATIA V4.
  • The color change is not visible on CATIA V4 active model, you have to swap to another model in order to see the color change.
  • Graphical actions in the contextual menu of a document (for instance, Hide / Show) are not available from the Part Editor.