Refreshing Documents in Session

This functionality shows you how to use the latest iteration of the document in your CATIA session by just refreshing the document. With this you will use the latest document which may have been updated by another user in a separate CATIA session.

Here are the cases that are displayed when you work with documents from ENOVIA in CATIA session:
  • Document iteration: In ENOVIA V5 server, you can update a document many times. Internally, each save will increment a counter called document iteration. This integer will always increase, and it is a more secure way to get history than timestamp. This counter is already used during pre-save checks, to ensure current document iteration in server and it is exactly the document iteration loaded in the CATIA session which wants to update the document.
  • Document Revision/Version: Without configuration, each newly saved of document will replace the server version, and previous version of document will be lost. Configuration allows user to keep and manage previous versions of a document. 
  • Unload Doc in CATIA: the concept is easy to understand, but some CATIA mechanisms (counter of references,…) control the “uses” of document, and it may be sometimes impossible to unload a specific document in CATIA.
  • Document dirty: A CATIA document is said "dirty" if it has been modified in CATIA session, and so need to be saved. If a document is "dirty" and if you try to close it, a warning appears informing you that some modifications will be lost if the document is closed without saving.
  • Document locked in ENOVIA: Lock is mandatory to be able to save a document in ENOVIA. Note that you may have not locked document loaded in CATIA session, if you do not plane to modify / save them.

Refresh Documents

  The Refresh Documents icon is available in the ENOVIA V5 VPM toolbar.

  1. Open a CATIA session, Create a Product, then 2 parts inside.
  2. Click the new Refresh Documents icon.

    A new dialog box Refresh Document in Session opens. No document appears in the small window.

  3. Click More.

  1. The newly created documents should appear in the right table, with a Document not yet created in ENOVIA V5 VPM or Modified in session comment.
  2. Close this Refresh Document in Session window.
  3. Click Ok to refresh the selected document.