Checking-in an ENOVIA V5 VPM Document

This task explains how to check-in an ENOVIA V5 VPM document from a selection of CATIA models in CATIA V4 or CATIA V5.
When creating a new document in ENOVIA V5 VPM, it is possible to select a model in CATIA V4 or CATIA V5 which has already been saved in a file.

How to create a document in ENOVIA V5 VPM

  1. In the ENOVIA Homepage window, select the Content Management folder, and double-click the Documents bookmark.

The following dialog box opens, asking your choice:

The Create a New Document button is the default button.

  1. Click OK. The Content Tree window is displayed together with the Document Create Form dialog box.

  2. Select DOCDIR for the Environment from the drop-down list. The document type is displayed in the Type field.

  3. In the Document tab, fill in the fields and key in the ID of the document in the Document ID field.

The icon indicates that this field is mandatory.
  1. Now you have to choose the location of the file:

  • On the local machine.
  • On the Server.
  • In CATIA.
  • From other source.

As examples you can follow one of two optional scenarios for the file in CATIA  or on the local machine.

In CATIA: This supposes that you are connected to a CATIA Session with an open file in the active workbench. Select the In Catia value for the File Location parameter.

On the local machine: Click the Browse... button to select the model.

Click OK. The ENOVIA document is checked-in, together with the document content being stored in the Vault.

  1. The saved model file-name is then automatically retrieved in the window, as well as the format, and the Store in Vault option is automatically checked too.

  2. Click OK to place the document in the Content tree and close Document Create Form.

  3. Click Add to place the document in the Content tree and leave the Document Create Form open to create another file.

  4. Commit the document in ENOVIA by clicking the Save icon. The document is displayed in the Content Tree window.

How to access CATIA models in CATIA V4 or CATIA V5 in ENOVIA V5 VPM

In ENOVIA Product Editor, it is possible to view and/or select all documents associated to an instance, a group of instances or a whole assembly tree.

Select a product and right-click the Expand command from the contextual menu.

The document created previously is displayed in the tree.
You can right-click Send to>CATIAV5 if you need to work in Catia.