Sorting and Filtering Error Messages

This section helps you understand how the messages (errors / warnings / information) are displayed in a dialog box for failed interoperability operations. Multiple occurrences of the same message can be filtered and a generic message will be displayed. On selecting a particular message (error/warning), the list of affected objects will be displayed in a separate frame below the message, with an advice providing corrective action wherever possible.

The report is generated and displayed to the user to indicate the reasons for failure. This dialog box informs the user about the possible causes for failure by classifying them as Error, Warning or Information. It is represented as shown below.

The error dialog box extends to all the interoperability scenarios. The reporting dialog box will:

  • display the messages in the order as Error/Warning/Information.
    • Error: The errors are generated whenever any operation fails.
    • Warning: The warnings are generated whenever any operation fails.
    • Information: Usually informative messages about the status at the end of failed operations.
  • show only unique error/warning/information in the list. Upon selection, the impacted objects (if any) and and a corrective advice will be displayed in separate frames below
  • have the first list of unique messages sorted alphabetically on the basis of Type and Description.
  • show the number of occurrences for each unique message.
  • enable to search  messages based on impacted objects.
  • print the generated messages to a file.
  1. Click the More button. The following dialog box is displayed.

In the above display box, the following information is depicted:

  • Type: Whether it is an Error or Warning or Information.
  • Object: The object type of that particular Error or Warning or Information.
  • Description: The description of the Error or Warning or Information.
    • If you select the Error or Warning or Information, the complete message is displayed in the subsequent field.
  • Occurrences: The number of occurrences of the particular Error or Warning or Information.
  • Impacted Objects: The list of impacted objects for the particular Error or Warning or Information selected.
  • Advice: Any advice/information displayed.
  • Search: To search errors for a specific objects. Clicking on the Search button will display the following message box.