Performing Actions from CATIA V4

The following sub-chapters define the actions that can be performed in CATIA V4:

How to perform the interoperability with a running ENOVIA V5 VPM application

In case ENOVIA application is already running. /ENOVIA command in CATIA V4 enables several different actions, through the following window:
  • Identify model(s): highlight in ENOVIA Product Editor selected models (refer to \ENOSEL command)
  • Identify All: highlight in ENOVIA Product Editor models loaded in CATIA from ENOVIA V5 VPM
  • Connect: connect or reconnect to running ENOVIA application
  • Start Product Editor: start a Product Editor in running ENOVIA application
  • Done: Exit \ENOVIA command

In case ENOVIA application is not already running, see Starting ENOVIA V5 VPM from CATIA V4.

How to highlight model(s) in ENOVIA V5

Bi-directional identification of model instances is provided. In CATIA V4, the /ENOSEL command enables to select one or more models to be highlighted in ENOVIA V5 VPM. Highlight is performed in the Instance view of the product Editor. Both documents and instances are highlighted, only visualized objects are highlighted and no automatic expand is performed.