Managing Zone Definition in CATIA V4

This task explains how to ask for the Zone editor on an ENOVIA V5 VPM Product.

  1. In ENOVIA V5 VPM Product Editor, right-click a Product and select Send To > Zone editor.

    The zone editor window appears displaying the zone editor commands:

    The New zone icon enables to add a new zone under the selected zone in the zone hierarchy,
    The Cut icon enables to cut the selected zone,
    The Edit zone  enables to modify the zone definition,
    The Save icon enables to commit modifications.

How to modify a zone

This task explains how to define or modify the geometric definition of a zone using a CATIA V4 interactive command.

  1. Select a zone.

  2. Select Edit zone . The Zone Modification dialog box is displayed.

  3. Select Edit in viewer to visualize the zone in CATIA V4.

  4. Use CATIA V4 to define the zone.


    The Hide button enables to modify the graphical appearance of the zone (to be able to select an object inside the zone for example),
    In the Modify field, specify the type of modification: Expand to include a selected object or Relimit to expand or re-limit in selected directions,
    The Reset button enables to clear initial values,
    The Reframe button enables to reframe CATIA view on a defined zone.

  5. Click YES to validate the current zone definition. The values are carried in the Zone Modification window.

At the end of the process, the new values are displayed in ENOVIA Zone Editor and can be validated by the end-user.