Settings for Instances Synchronization at Save

In order to define the synchronization mode of instances at Save in ENOVIA V5 VPM, you can set values to the ENOVIA setting CV5EV5_Save_InstSynchMode in VPMAdmin.CATSettings and before to launch ENOVIA. The authorized values should be:

  • NONE: No synchronization is applied during Save

  • Position: Instances are updated regarding Position.

  • PS: Instances are updated regarding the reference structure (Add, Delete, Replace).

  • FULL: Instance position and structure are updated.

The following command will value the setting CV5EV5_Save_InstSynchMode and make it persistent in file $CATReferenceSettings/VPMAdmin.CATSettings file:

VPMSettings –f VPMAdmin –a –n CV5EV5_Save_InstSynchMode –v [NONE | Position | PS | FULL]

For more information, refer to "Setting Up User Variable in VPMAdmin.CATSettings File", in the LifeCycle Administration Guide User Guide.