Creating a Penetration

This task shows how to create a penetration from one or more existing clashes using the Create Penetration command.

ENOVIA zones, covering the space of the clash, must be created before you can create a penetration.

You can create a penetration from multiple clashes when multiple objects (such as two pipes and a conduit) need to pass through a single opening in a structure.

You also can create a penetration in ENOVIA.

This creates a penetration without workflow. To create a penetration with workflow, see Creating a Penetration with Workflow.


1. With your document (from ENOVIA) open, click the Create Penetration button . The Create Penetration dialog box displays.

Select the object to be penetrated, either from your document or on the specifications tree.

2. The object you select appears in the Object for Clash Search field. The Create Penetration dialog box displays a list of clashes associated with the selected object.

Select one or more clashes from the list and click the Create Penetration button at the bottom of the dialog box.

The Specify Penetration  Data dialog box displays.

Zone and Discipline information, with data computed from the objects related to the selected clash, appear in the fields.

You can accept the supplied information for Zone and Discipline or enter other information, or select from the drop down list.

Click OK and a message displays indicating you have created the penetration.

Save your document to save the data in ENOVIA.