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Network Installation Management Guide and Reference

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Network Installation Management Guide and Reference
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Chapter 1. Network Installation Management (NIM) Introduction
Overview of Network Installation Management (NIM) Operations
Chapter 2. Choosing a NIM Master
Chapter 3. Basic NIM Operations and Configuration
Configuring the NIM Master and Creating Basic Installation Resources
Adding a Standalone NIM Client to the NIM Environment
Using Installation Images to Install the Base Operating System (BOS) on a NIM Client (rte Install)
Using a mksysb Image to Install the Base Operating System (BOS) on a NIM Client (mksysb Install)
Using a SPOT-copy to Install the Base Operating System (BOS) on a NIM Client (SPOT-copy Install)
Performing a Non-Prompted BOS Installation
Installing to Clients on ATM Networks
Customizing NIM Clients and SPOT Resources
Configuring the NIM Master and Creating Resources to Support Diskless and Dataless Clients Only
Adding a Diskless or Dataless Client to the NIM Environment
Initializing and Booting a Diskless or Dataless Machine
Uninitializing Diskless and Dataless Machines
Installing to an Alternate Disk on a NIM Client (cloning or mksysb)
Chapter 4. NIM Client Operations
Performing NIM Client Operations
Chapter 5. Advanced NIM Installation Tasks
Controlling the Master or Client
Resetting Machines
Using Client Machines as Resource Servers
Defining a Machine Group
Adding New Members to Machine Groups
Removing Members from Machine Groups
Including and Excluding a Group Member from Operations on the Group
Using Resource Groups to Allocate Related Resources to NIM Machines
Managing Software on Standalone Clients and SPOT Resources
Rebuilding Network Boot Images for a SPOT
Maintaining Software in an lpp_source
Viewing Installation, Configuration, and Boot Logs
Verifying Installation with the lppchk Operation
Using NIM to Install Clients Configured with Kerberos Authentication
Concurrency Control
Chapter 6. Advanced NIM Configuration Tasks
Removing Machines from the NIM Environment
Creating Additional Interface Attributes
Defining /usr versus non-/usr SPOTs
Re-Creating SPOT Resources from Existing Directories
Defining an lpp_source on CD-ROM versus Disk
Establishing a Default NIM Route Between Networks
Establishing a Static NIM Route Between Networks
Recovering the /etc/niminfo File
Backing Up the NIM Database
Restoring the NIM Database and Activating the NIM Master
Unconfiguring the NIM Master
Booting Diagnostics
Booting in Maintenance Mode
Chapter 7. Additional Topics
NIM Master Management Tasks
NIM Name Resolution
Booting a FDDI Interface Over a Router
Default Paging Space During BOS Installation Via NIM
Migrating Diskless and Dataless Clients and NIM SPOTS
Defining the NIM Environment Using the nimdef Command
Name Requirements for NIM Object Definitions
Interacting with the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Creating File Resources in the root Directory
Restricting NIM Client Resource Allocation
Preventing Machines from Adding Themselves as Clients
Disabling Client CPU ID Validation
Exporting NIM Resources Globally
Creating Network Boot Images to Support Only the Defined Clients and Networks
Updating a Spot With New Device Support for a New Level of AIX
Tune Client Request Processing
Chapter 8. Network Installation Management Concepts
NIM Machines
NIM Networks
NIM Resources
NIM Operations
NIM Groups
Chapter 9. Network Installation Management Commands
Chapter 10. Error and Warning Messages
Chapter 11. Network Installation Management Troubleshooting
Debugging a Network Boot Problem
Producing Debug Output for NIM BOS Installations
Port Conflicts with NIM and other Applications
Appendix A. Network Boot
Booting a Machine Over the Network
Creating IPL ROM Emulation Media
Appendix B. Hardware-Related Tasks
Determining a Machine's Network Hardware Address
Appendix C. Sample Files File
script Resource File
Definition File for the nimdef Command
Appendix D. NIM Compatibility and Limitations
Default Routes
NIM Master
Memory Requirements for AIX 5.1
Remote Dump over ISA Ethernet
LAN SCSI Adapter
Appendix E. Notices