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Network Installation Management Guide and Reference

Disabling Client CPU ID Validation

The CPU ID of a NIM client is stored in the NIM database so that the master can perform verification that NIM client commands are coming from the machines that were originally registered as clients. There are two situations when a NIM administrator would not want this CPU ID validation to be performed:

From Web-based System Manager

To enable or disable NIM client CPU ID validation from the NIM application:

  1. From the NIM menu, select Advanced Configuration > Control Client CPU ID Validation.
  2. Use the dialog to complete the task.


Manage the client CPU ID validation from the SMIT interface by typing the SMIT fast path:

  smit nim_cpuid_validate

From the Command Line

Client CPU ID validation can be managed on the NIM master by using the validate_cpuid attribute.

To disable client CPU ID validation, set the attribute validate_cpuid=no on the NIM master:

  nim -o change -a validate_cpuid=no master

To perform client CPU ID validation, remove the validate_cpuid attribute from the master by setting it to "yes":

  nim -o change -a validate_cpuid=yes master

Attention: The value of the validate_cpuid attribute should not be changed while operations are being performed on NIM clients because it could potentially disrupt client communications for active machines.

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