User Tasks  

Creating and Editing a Component: Select the Component icon to create a component.
Creating a System: Select the New System icon to create a new system.
Creating and Moving an Action: Select the Action icon to create an action.
Creating Actions Groups: Select the Functional Actions Group icon to regroup actions of the same kind.
Select the Edit Parameters icon to add parameters to your CATSystem. To know more, see the Knowledge Advisor User's Guide.
Linking a Product to a Component: Select the Link a Functional Definition icon to link a product with a component.
Working with the Edit the generative scripts of a Functional Element: Select the Edit the Generative Script icon to create or modify a script.
The Cache of System icon. 
The Link the system icon enables you to create a link with another system.
The Graph Layout icon provides you with three tabs whereby you can optimize the layout of the graph created.
Creating and Instantiating a PowerCopy: Select the PowerCopy Creation icon to create a powercopy.
Select the save in catalog icon to store powercopies in a catalog.
Creating and Instantiating a PowerCopy: Select the Instantiate from document icon to instantiate a powercopy from another CATSystem file.

Creating a Variant
Linking a Script to a Component