Creating and Instantiating a PowerCopy    

This task explains how to create a power copy. 
  1. From the Start->Knowledgeware menu, access the Product Functional Definition workbench.

  2. Open the PFDSeat.CATSystem file. The following image is displayed.

  1. Click the PowerCopy Creation icon ().  The PowerCopy Definition dialog box is displayed.

  1. Enter the name of the powercopy in the Name field (Seat in this example).

  2. Select the following items in the geometry or in the specification tree:

  • Sitting cushion
  • Leg rest
  • Back rest
  • Head rest
  • Rear seats access button
  • Reclining button
  • Sliding button
  • the associated actions
  1. Click OK to close the window. Save your file and close it.

Note that the powercopy can be stored in a catalog. To do so, click the Save in Catalog icon () and create a catalog. For more information about catalogs, see Infrastructure User's Guide.
  1. Open the PfdInteriorsystem.CATSystem file.

  2. Click the Instantiate from document icon (). The File selection dialog box opens. Select the PFDSeat.CATSystem file,  click Open and OK: the powercopy contained in PFDSeat.CATSystem is instantiated (see below). Reorder the boxes and the actions if need be.

  1. Click the icon in the workbench, click the Seat component, then the Back rest component.

  2. Double-click the arrow. The Edit Functional Action dialog box opens. Enter the following string: "is made of", and click OK. Both systems are now linked.