Working with the Edit the generative scripts of a Functional Element

This window is designed to link a generative script with a component. You can access it by clicking the icon or by right-clicking a functional object and selecting the Generative Script of a Functional Object command.

The button enables you to create a new script. When clicked, the following dialog box displays. Enter the name of the script and click OK.
The button enables you to delete scripts from the list.
When selected, the Edit the definition check box enables you to access the Generative Script Editor window (see explanations below).
When selected, the Generate from definition check box enables you to automatically launch the generation of the selected script.

Generative Script Editor window

This window can be accessed by double-clicking a script in the list (the Edit the definition check box must be checked.) It enables you to enter a Generative script (For more information about the Generative script syntax, see Product Knowledge Template User's Guide.)

  • The Belongs to: field indicates the object to which the script will be linked.

  • The name indicated in the Script name/title/purpose: field is the one you attributed when creating the script.

  • The field located below enables you to enter the script.

Enables you to generate the result of the script. Note that a Product Knowledge Template license is required to perform this operation.
Enables you to save the script. 
Enables you to cancel the changes made to the script or to delete the existing script.
Enables you to access the Product Knowledge Template Browser. For more information about this browser, see Product Knowledge Template User's Guide.
Enables you to retrieve the parameters such as the ProblemRank, the FunctionRank, and to insert them into your script.