Creating a Variant

This task explains how to create a variant. 
  1. Open the PfdSyringeAndFinger.CATSystem document. The following image displays.

  2. Right-click VARIANTS in the specification tree and select the Create a Functional Variant command in the contextual menu. The Variant.1 graph is displayed. 

  3. Select the end (the green spot) of the presses action located on the Piston component and drag it to the Container component. 

  4. Select the origin of the (Piston) moves (Medicine)> action and move it to the Container component. Remove the Piston component as well as the directs action.
    The graph you should obtain is similar to the one below:

To go back to the initial Functional Description, select the variant in the tree, then select the Edit the Original Functional Description command from the contextual menu.