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Communications Programming Concepts


About This Book
Who Should Use This Book
Case-Sensitivity in AIX
ISO 9000
Related Publications
Data Link Control
Generic Data Link Control Environment Overview
Implementing GDLC Interface
GDLC Interface ioctl Entry Point Operations
GDLC Special Kernel Services
GDLC Problem Determination
Data Link Control Programming and Reference Information
Token-Ring Data Link Control Overview
DLCTOKEN Device Manager Nodes
DLCTOKEN Device Manager Functions
DLCTOKEN Protocol Support
DLCTOKEN Name-Discovery Service
DLCTOKEN Direct Network Services
DLCTOKEN Connection Contention
Initiating DLCTOKEN Link Sessions
Stopping DLCTOKEN Link Sessions
DLCTOKEN Programming Interfaces
IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Data Link Control Overview
DLC8023 Device Manager Nodes
DLC8023 Device Manager Functions
DLC8023 Protocol Support
DLC8023 Name-Discovery Services
DLC8023 Direct Network Services
DLC8023 Connection Contention
DLC8023 Link Sessions
DLC8023 Programming Interfaces
Standard Ethernet Data Link Control Overview
DLCETHER Device Manager Nodes
DLCETHER Device Manager Functions
DLCETHER Protocol Support
DLCETHER Name-Discovery Services
DLCETHER Direct Network Services
DLCETHER Connection Contention
DLCETHER Link Session Initiation
DLCETHER Link Session Termination
DLCETHER Programming Interfaces
Synchronous Data Link Control Overview
DLCSDLC Device Manager Functions
DLCSDLC Protocol Support
DLCSDLC Programming Interfaces
DLCSDLC Asynchronous Function Subroutine Calls
Qualified Logical Link Control (DLCQLLC) Overview
Data Link Control FDDI (DLC FDDI) Overview
DLC FDDI Device Manager Nodes
DLC FDDI Device Manager Functions
DLC FDDI Protocol Support
DLC FDDI Name-Discovery Services
DLC FDDI Direct Network Services
DLC FDDI Connection Contention
DLC FDDI Link Sessions
DLC FDDI Programming Interfaces
Data Link Provider Interface Implementation
Primitive Implementation Specifics
Packet Format Registration Specifics
Address Resolution Routine Registration Specifics
ioctl Specifics
Dynamic Route Discovery
DRD Configuration
Connectionless Mode Only DLPI Driver versus Connectionless/Connection-Oriented DLPI Driver
DLPI Primitives
Obtaining Copies of the DLPI Specifications
New Database Manager
Using NDBM Subroutines
Diagnosing NDBM Problems
List of NDBM and DBM Programming References
eXternal Data Representation
eXternal Data Representation Overview for Programming
XDR Subroutine Format
XDR Library
XDR Language Specification
XDR Data Types
List of XDR Programming References
XDR Library Filter Primitives
XDR Non-Filter Primitives
Passing Linked Lists Using XDR Example
Using an XDR Data Description Example
Showing the Justification for Using XDR Example
Using XDR Example
Using XDR Array Examples
Using an XDR Discriminated Union Example
Showing the Use of Pointers in XDR Example
Network Computing System
Remote Procedure Call Runtime Library
The Location Broker
Network Information Services (NIS and NIS+)
List of NIS and NIS+ Programming References
Network Management
Simple Network Management Protocol
Management Information Base
Terminology Related to Management Information Base Variables
Working with Management Information Base Variables
Management Information Base Database
How a Manager Functions
How an Agent Functions
List of SNMP Agent Programming References
SMUX Error Logging Subroutines Examples
Remote Procedure Call
RPC Model
RPC Message Protocol
RPC Authentication
RPC Port Mapper Program
Programming in RPC
RPC Features
RPC Language
rpcgen Protocol Compiler
List of RPC Programming References
Using UNIX Authentication Example
DES Authentication Example
Using the Highest Layer of RPC Example
Using the Intermediate Layer of RPC Example
Using the Lowest Layer of RPC Example
Showing How RPC Passes Arbitrary Data Types Example
Using Multiple Program Versions Example
Broadcasting a Remote Procedure Call Example
Using the select Subroutine Example
rcp Process on TCP Example
RPC Callback Procedures Example
RPC Language ping Program Example
Converting Local Procedures into Remote Procedures Example
Generating XDR Routines Example
Sockets Overview
Sockets Interface
Socket Subroutines
Socket Header Files
Socket Communication Domains
Socket Addresses
Socket Types and Protocols
Socket Creation
Binding Names to Sockets
Socket Connections
Socket Options
Socket Data Transfer
Socket Shutdown
IP Multicasts
Network Address Translation
Domain Name Resolution
Socket Examples
Socketpair Communication Example
Reading Internet Datagrams Example Program
Sending Internet Datagrams Example Program
Reading UNIX Datagrams Example Program
Sending UNIX Datagrams Example Program
Initiating Internet Stream Connections Example Program
Accepting Internet Stream Connections Example Program
Checking for Pending Connections Example Program
Initiating UNIX Stream Connections Example Program
Accepting UNIX Stream Connections Example Program
Sending Data on an ATM Socket PVC Client Example Program
Receiving Data on an ATM Socket PVC Server Example Program
Sending Data on an ATM Socket Rate-Enforced SVC Client Example Program
Receiving Data on an ATM Socket Rate-Enforced SVC Server Example Program
Sending Data on an ATM Socket SVC Client Example Program
Receiving Data on an ATM Socket SVC Server Example Program
Receiving Packets Over Ethernet Example Program
Sending Packets Over Ethernet Example Program
Analyzing Packets Over the Network Example Program
List of Socket Programming References
STREAMS Introduction
Benefits and Features of STREAMS
STREAMS Flow Control
STREAMS Synchronization
STREAMS Tunable Parameters
streamio (STREAMS ioctl) Operations
Building STREAMS
STREAMS Messages
Put and Service Procedures
STREAMS Drivers and Modules
log Device Driver
Configuring Drivers and Modules in the Portable Streams Environment
An Asynchronous Protocol STREAMS Example
Differences Between Portable Streams Environment and V.4 STREAMS
List of Streams Commands
List of STREAMS Programming References
Transport Service Library Interface Overview
Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
Dynamic Load API
Lists of Programming References
Xerox Network Systems
System Configuration
XNS Addresses
Network Systems Protocol Family
Sequence Packet Protocol
nsip Interface
Internet Datagram Protocol
Packet Capture Library
Packet Capture Library Overview
Packet Capture Library Subroutines
Packet Capture Library Header Files
Packet Capture Library Data Structures
Packet Capture Library Filter Expressions
Sample 1: Capturing Packet Data and Printing It in Binary Form to the Screen
Sample 2: Capturing Packet Data and Saving It to a File for Processing Later
Sample 3: Reading Previously Captured Packet Data from a Savefile and Processing It
Appendix. Notices

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