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National Language Support Guide and Reference


About This Book
Who Should Use This Book
Case-Sensitivity in AIX
ISO 9000
Related Publications
National Language Support Overview
Separation of Messages from Programs
Conversion between Code Sets
Input Method Support
Converters Overview
Using the Message Facility
Setting National Language Support for Devices
Changing the Language Environment
Changing the Default Keyboard Map
Related Information
Understanding Locale
Understanding Locale Categories
Understanding Locale Environment Variables
Understanding the Character Set Description (charmap) Source File
Understanding the Locale Definition Source File
Multibyte Subroutines
Wide Character Subroutines
Bidirectionality and Character Shaping
Code Set Independence
File Name Matching
Radix Character Handling
Programming Model
Subroutines for National Language Support
Locale Subroutines
Time Formatting Subroutines
Monetary Formatting Subroutines
Multibyte and Wide Character Subroutines
Internationalized Regular Expression Subroutines
Related Information
Code Sets for National Language Support
Single-Byte and Multibyte Code Sets
Unique Code-Point Range
Data Representation
Character Properties
ASCII Characters
Code Set Strategy
Code Set Structure
ISO Code Sets
IBM PC Code Sets
UCS-2 and UTF-8
Related Information
Converters Overview for Programming
Standard Converters
Using the iconv Command
Understanding libiconv
Using Converters
List of Converters
Writing Converters Using the iconv Interface
Related Information
Input Methods
Input Method Introduction
Input Method Names
Input Method Areas
Input Method Command
Programming Input Methods
Working with Keyboard Mapping
Using Callbacks
Bidirectional Input Method
Cyrillic Input Method (CIM)
Greek Input Method (GIM)
Japanese Input Method (JIM)
Korean Input Method (KIM)
Latvian Input Method (LVIM)
Lithuanian Input Method (LTIM)
Thai Input Method (THIM)
Vietnamese Input Method
Simplified Chinese Input Method (ZIM-UCS)
Single-Byte Input Method
Traditional Chinese Input Method (TIM)
Universal Input Method
Reserved Keysyms
Related Information
Message Facility
Creating a Message Source File
Creating a Message Catalog
Displaying Messages outside of an Application Program
Displaying Messages with an Application Program
Example of Retrieving a Message from a Catalog
Writing Messages
Culture-Specific Data Handling
Culture-Specific Tables
Culture-Specific Algorithms
Example of Loading a Culture-Specific Module for Arabic Text for an Application
Layout (Bidirectional Text and Character Shaping) Overview
Appendix A. National Language Support (NLS) Reference
National Language Support Checklist
List of National Language Support Subroutines
Appendix B. Character Maps
ISO Code Sets
IBM Code Sets
Appendix C. NLS Sample Program
Message Source File for foo
Creation of Message Header File for foo
Single Source, Single Path Code-set Independent Version
Single Source, Dual-Path Version Optimized for Single-Byte Code Sets
Appendix D. Use of the libcur Package
Related Information
Appendix E. Notices

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