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AIX 3.x Documentation
AIX 4.x Documentation
SSA information for AIX
PCI SCSI RAID information for AIX
C for AIX
RS6000/AIX Hardware

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General AIX Documentation :-

AIX Command Crib Sheet
Displaying and Setting the bootlist
Where is cu, uuencode and uudecode ?
Running the Diagnostic Programs from Diskettes
errno.h error codes and descriptions.
Using genucode to update a Tape Drive's microcode.
Diagnostic LED numbers and codes.
Common LED Error Codes and descriptions.
Common Boot Time LEDs and Their Solution.
The mrgpwd command
Migration to AIX 4.3.2 - Gotchas, Querks and Watchouts.
Howto make a read only filesystem on a floppy diskette.
Cannot read man pages, where nroff and tbl ?
Howto save a copy of print files that are sent to a printer
Howto replace a hard drive in a non rootvg volume group.
sort command does not sort numeric fields correctly.
Page up and down keys in smit.
Using the 'dd' command to backup raw partitions.
Procedure for reducing the size of a filesystem.
Restoring mksysb's with user created files /dev directory.
Howto to lower the "nice" level of a user.
A useful and easy way of testing the serial COM ports from UNIX
Howto determine the block size and format of an unknown tape
Where is xmodem ?

AIX 3.x Documentation :-

AIX Version 3 FAQ (Last Modified July 12 1995).

Creating Bosboot Diskettes (AIX 3.1.x)
Creating Bosboot Diskettes (AIX 3.2.x)
AIX 3.1.x BOSBOOT Problem.
Installing man pages.
"Lexical Error" Message from installp
Howto recovery from an unknow Root password. (AIX 3.1.x)
Howto recovery from an unknow Root password. (AIX 3.2.x)
Instructions for deleting and re-creating /var

AIX 4.x Documentation :-

Booting from, and restoring a mksysb tape.
Procedure for moving the boot logical volume between disks.
Booting from installation cd and restoring a mksysb tape.
Moving a filesystem between disks/volume groups using the cplv command.
Error ID's and descriptions for AIX error logger.
I cannot get global rcp access working.
Procedure to create a dummy "defined" hard drive.
I cannot create files greater than 1 Gigabtye.
AIX Installation Disk Space Requirements.
Howto configure an IOLAN and RS6000 for RCP Printing.
Procedure for exchanging a "Hot Swap" mirrored rootvg disk.
The command lscfg just returns with no information.
Installing man pages on AIX 4.2
ODM class "sm_cmd_hdr" error when adding or changing a spooler print queue.
Setting up a dial in PPP connection.
Setting up a dial out PPP connection.
Howto to print an ascii file to a postscript printer
Howto recovery from an unknow Root password.
Recovery from rm * from the Root (/) Directory.
Howto reduce the default paging space (hd6).
Howto increase the timeout of rembak in AIX 4.1.x and 4.2.x
Routing with AIX, setting up gated with OSPF routing protocol.
Howto configure a SpiderPort and RS6000 for telnet Printing.
Howto configure an SPLX and RS6000 for RCP Printing.
I get an error running vmstat

SSA information for AIX :-

SSA error ID's and descriptions for AIX error logger.
README file for IBM maymap link diagnostic command.
ssaencl command readme file.
ssaraid command readme file.
SSA Command line Diagnostics readme file.
SSA Tools readme file.

PCI SCSI RAID information for AIX :-

Command line options for PCI SCSI Raid command scraidmgr.

IBM Parallel System Support Programs for AIX :-

PSSP V2.4 Command and Technical Reference.

C for AIX :-

IBM AIX Version 4.2 Curses Programming Reference.
IBM C for AIX Version 4.4 README.C file.
IBM C for AIX Version 4.4 README.password file.
Configuring LUM 4.0 to install C Compiler licenses.
Configuring LUM 4.5 to install C Compiler licenses.

Tips on porting C source code to AIX.
Porting 4.3 BSD Programs to AIX Version 3
Unresolved or undefined symbols error while using math.h
Unix Programmers Frequently Asked Questions.

RS6000/AIX Hardware :-

RS/6000 tape information (1/4", 8mm, 4mm and DAT).
Bull RS6000 Model Numbers vs IBM RS6000 Model Numbers.
RS6000 E series Firmware Checkpoint Three-Digit Codes.
Howto increase Magstar tape drive performance.
Magstar tape and drive compatability information.
How to Identify RS/6000 Model with command 'uname -m'
Information on replacing the SCSI-2 F/W PCI RAID Adapter.
How to determine the current firmware version on an RS6000 PCI machine.

Cables :-

RS6000 9 way to 25 way console cable (RS6000 to terminal)
RS6000 9 way to 25 way modem cable (RS6000 to modem)
RS6000 25 way to 25 way console cable (RS6000 to terminal)
RS6000 25 way to 25 way modem cable (RS6000 to modem)
Lan card to Lan card cable (RJ45-RJ45 crossover).
Terminal/Printer cable for the 128-port RAN.
8-wire modem cable for the RS6000 128-port RAN.
RJ45 loop back plug (used when testing ethernet cards)


Links to other Web sites :-

IBM RS/6000 Support (This is commercial support and you may have to register for this).
Bull's Freeware and Shareware archive for AIX. - Very nice freeware site and all in installp format.

Public domain software library for AIX.

IBM Redbook archive - Loads of very useful documentation.

AIX 4.3 certification test
AIX Documentation Library.
AIX Manuals.

AIX Fix Distribution service.

RS6000 Microcode downloads. - An independant site full of AIX information





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