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Aptiva - 2144/2168 Product Information Index

Applicable to: World-Wide

Service Publications
- HMM for Service Level G (May 1995
- HMM for Service Level H (July 1995)
- HMM for Service Level I (Dec. 1995)
- Hardware Handbook Index

The following documents are excerpts from the Hardware Maintenance Manual. They may contain references to tables, figures or pages from this original document.

Jumper settings
- System Board Layout and locations - Type F-1, H-1, I-1
- Processor Type Settings F-1, H-1, I-1
- Processor Speed Settings F-1, H-1, I-1

- System Board Layout and locations - Type H-2, I-2
- Processor Speed Settings H-2, I-2
- System Board Bus Speed Settings Type H-2, I-2

- System Board layout and locations - C-1
- System board layout and locations - C-2
- Processor jumpers - C-2

- System board layout - 2144-S15
- Factory-Installed Modem Jumper and Switch Settings
- Hard Disk Drive Jumper Settings
- CD-ROM Drive and Sound Card Jumper Settings

Troubleshooting Index
- SL-F, SL-H, and SL-I
- SL-C and SL-D
- 2144-S15 (SL-G)

Removals and replacements index
- Removals and Replacements - 2144
- Removals and Replacements - 2168

Service Parts listing
- Service Level I parts catalog
- Service Level H FRUs
- 2144-S15 parts catalog
- 2144/2168 (SL-C) parts catalog

Support Disks:
- Downloadable file index

- North America Index
- Europe, Middle East, Africa Index
- Latin America, Brazil Index
- China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea Index
- Japan Index
- Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN Index

Technical Specifications
- North America
- Europe, Middle East, Africa
- Latin America, Brazil
- Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN
- Japan
- China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea

- Options (General/Memory)
- Options (IDE Hard Drives)
- Options (Joysticks)
- Options (Modems)
- Options (Pointing Devices)
- Options (Scanners)

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