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Aptiva - 2144 (Service Level H/I) Removals and replacements index

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Removals and Replacements - Machine Type 2144:

Before removing any FRU, power off the system unit, unplug all power cords from electrical outlets, disconnect any interconnecting cables, and disconnect any telephone cords.

The power supply might contain+ 5 V dc auxiliary power when the system is powered off. Be sure to unplug the power cord before attempting any replacements.

The system board, processors, adapter cards, SIMMs, video memory modules, and upgrade processors can be damaged by electrostatic discharge. Use an electrostatic discharge (ESD) strap to establish personal grounding. If you don't have an ESD strap, establish personal grounding by touching a ground point with one hand before touching the static-sensitive FRUs.

The arrows in the removals and replacements procedures show the direction of movement to remove a field-replaceable unit (FRU), to turn a screw, or to press a tab to release the FRU.

Begin all removals by removing the cover (and rear cover, if applicable).

When other FRUs must be removed prior to removing the failing FRU, they are listed at the top of the page. Go to the removal procedure for each FRU listed, remove the FRU, and then continue with the removal of the failing FRU.

To replace a FRU, reverse the removal procedure and follow any notes that pertain to replacement. See "Parts/Test Point Locations" for internal cable connection and arrangement information.

Before disconnecting any cables, note their locations. Reinstall any new FRUs with cables in the same locations.

The following documents are excerpts from the Hardware Maintenance Manual. They may contain references to tables, figures or pages from this original document.

Type 1 System Board

Type 2 System Board


Left drive support bracket

Right drive support bracket

3.5 In and 5.25 In drive bays

Hard disk drive

Adapter cards

Power supply

Riser card

Memory (SIMM)

Cache memory

Video memory

Upgrade processor

Lithium battery

Indicator LED and cable

System Board

Handling ESD sensitive parts

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