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Aptiva - 2144/2168 Service Level I parts catalog

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- M/T 2144 System Exterior Unit
- M/T 2144 System Interior Unit
- M/T 2168 System Exterior Unit
- M/T 2168 System Interior Unit
- Diskette and Hard Disk Drives
- CD-ROM, Sound Cards (Multimedia Models)
- Monitor and Power Cord(Linecord)
- Keyboard and Mouse
- Software

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Service Parts

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IBM Aptiva

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2144, 2168


A10; A12; A14; A15; A40; A44; A45; A50; A51; A52; A90; A92; A94; 5R1; 6R3; 5R2; 5R3; 6R4; 5R4; 6R0; 5R6; 5R8; 5R9; 6R5; C45; 120; 121; 123; 131; 132; 133; 141; 142; 152; 154; 161; 162; 163; 171; 172; 182; L11; L15; L16; K25; K26; L33; K33; L43; K43; L35; K35; L45; K45; KU5; L55; K55; L65; K65; L66; K66; U11; U15; U16; U33; U43; U35; U45; U55; U65; U66; X17; X27; X37; X47; Y17; Y27.; Y37; Y47; Z17; Z27; Z37; Z47; S20; S50; S55; S65; S64; S74; S75; W37; W47


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