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Aptiva - 2144/2168 Hardware Maintenance Manual (HMM) for Service Level H (July 1995)

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This file contains the Hardware Maintenance Manual (HMM) for the Aptiva 2144/2168 Service Level H models.


TThis publication (Aptiva - 2144/2168 Hardware Maintenance Manual (HMM) for Service Level H (July 1995)) is now downloadable from the URL above. The file is in Adobe .PDF format, to view these files you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, or have the Acroread plugin for your Web Browser

Publication Number: S30H-2399-00

Note: The above file attachment contains the HMM for the Aptiva 2144/2168 Service Level H models, in an electronically readable format. In order to view the HMM you are required to obtain and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader. To obtain the reader, click on the following icon :

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Hardware Maintenance Manuals

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Hardware Maintenance Manuals

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IBM Aptiva

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2144, 2168


M30; C30; 2R5; M31; C31; 3R4; M35; 2R7; M40; C40; 2R6; M41; C41; 3R5; M50; 2R8 M51; C51; 3R6; M52; 4R1; M53; C53; 4R2; M54; 4R7; M55; 2R9; M56; 3R3; M57; 3R1; M58; 4R8; M60; 3R0; M61; C61; 3R7; M62; 4R0; M63; 4R9; M70; 3R8; M71; 3R9; M72; 4R3; M91; 5R5; 900; 910; 911; 91W; 914; 921; 92W; 931; 93W; 932; 9W2; 934; 935; 937; 930; 941; 94W; 951; 95W; 964; 96W; LL1; LL2; LL3; LL4; LL5; LL6; X10; X20; X30; W30; X40; Y10; Y20; Y30; Y40; Z10; Z20; Z30; Z40; N30; N40; N41; N50; N51; N60; N61; N71


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