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Aptiva - 2144/2168 (SL-C) C-1 System board layout and locations

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J1 Keyboard
J2 Mouse
J3 Serial Port (Comm A)
J4 Serial Port (Comm B)
J5 Parallel Port
J6 Display
J7 Diskette
J8 Power
J9 Hard Disk Drive Local Bus IDE (Factory inst. HD1 / HD2)
J10 Hard Disk Drive AT IDE (HD3 or CD-ROM / HD4)
J11 Riser Card-ISA AT BUS only
J14 VESA Video feature connector
J15 Video Disable (normal 1-2)
J21 RAM 72-Pin Memory SIMM Bank-1
J22 RAM 72-Pin Memory SIMM Bank-2
J24 Processor Jumper
J25 Processor Jumper
J26 LED Conn. Power 1-2 / HD 3-4
J27 Speaker 1-2 enable / open disable
J29 Power Supply 2-Pin (on/off SW)
J30 Power Supply 3-Pin
J31 Processor Jumper
J37 Speed Control (On 25 MHz/Off 33 MHz)
J38 Fan (optional)
J50 Parity (Parity 1-2/Non Parity 2-3)
JP5 Modem Wake Up on Ring Wake Up on Ring Connector
JP14 Password Clear (normal 1-2/clear 2-3)
U3 System BIOS
U49 Video DRAM module socket 512KB
U56 486SX,486SX2,486DX,486DX2 487 or 486 Overdrive
U57 Video Controller

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