What's New?

New Functionalities

Deviation Check
Once you  have performed a deviation analysis, you may want to add annotations on peculiar locations of this deviation analysis, or issue a report. Three new commands will help you do that: Annotation Set, Annotation and Deviation Report.
Curve On Mesh
This command lets you create curves on mesh suitable for Reverse Engineering.

Enhanced Functionalities

Activate, Remove, Split
A new selection mode is available: Flood.
Basic Surface Recognition
You can now select areas to process directly from the Basic Surface Recognition dialog box.
Sketch from Scan
You can now select meshes to process their free edges.
Non planar scans are now accepted as input.
Fixed split points are no longer proposed for closed scan, thus reducing the number of primitives and improving the result.
Deviation Analysis
More data can be selected as Reference data or data To Measure.
Once the analysis is started, deviation values are displayed automatically under the cursor.
An option Direction has been added to define the projection mode.
Modal values have been implemented in the color map.