Simulating with Laws

This task shows you how to run a kinematics simulation with laws that are already defined on the mechanism.
Open the Jack.CATProduct document
  1. Click Simulation with Laws I_UseLawP2.gif (280 bytes) in the DMU Kinematics toolbar

  2. Change the range of the Kinematics time parameter directly in this dialog box using the Edit Time range button . The Simulation Duration dialog box is displayed:

    Enter a new value, 20 s for instance and click Ok

    this value must be set in seconds and must be higher than 10-6 s

    The maximum time bound value is automatically updated in the dialog box:

  3. Set the desired number of steps, then run the simulation using the Simulation buttons:

    • Start

    • Play Back

    • Step Back

    • Pause

    • Step Forward

    • Play Forward

    • End.


    The kinematics mechanism moves according to the pre-defined laws.

    You can switch between any of the simulation modes at any time.
    You can also enter a time value to visualize the position of the mechanism at that time.

  4. Click Analysis if you need to detect interferences or distances while simulating (you need to create interference or distance objects first)
    The Edit Analysis dialog box is displayed.

  5. Select the interference if you defined one and activate it (on).

    aremind.gif (956 bytes)

    For more details, refer to Detecting Interferences and Detecting Distances.

  6. Run the simulation.

  7. If you select the Activate sensors option (using the check box), the Sensors dialog box is automatically displayed.
    This functionality lets you retrieve detailed information during simulation operations (with laws and with commands) about:

    V5 Mechanisms

    Note: the Check Limits option is available only in the Sensors dialog box accessed with the Activate sensors check box. Set the required mode (on, stop) using the option buttons.

    V4 Mechanisms

    Note: The Check Limits option is still available through the Kinematics simulation commands (with laws, with commands).

  8. Click Close to confirm your operation.

    By default the new position is kept when exiting the simulation commands.
    Before leaving the simulation command to go back to the initial position:

    you need to click:

 awarning.gif (1007 bytes)

Note: you cannot record simulations within the simulation with laws functionality. If you need to record such a simulation or several simulations, refer to Recording Positions.


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