Moving Constrained Components in Simulation with Commands Context

This task shows the impact of moving constrained components in simulation with commands context

Open the Jack.CATProduct document

In our sample document, there is only one mechanism. If you work with a product containing more than one mechanism, it is strongly recommended to select the mechanism you need before starting the simulation with commands.

  1. Click the Simulation with Commands icon I_UseCmdP2.gif (253 bytes).The Kinematics Simulation dialog box is displayed.

  2. Run your simulation moving the command slider (i.e. until value 30.0000)

    Initial position

    Position after simulating

  3. Exit the Simulation with Commands clicking the Close button.

    You need to click before leaving the simulation command to go back to the initial position
    By default the new position is kept when exiting the simulation commands (Simulation with Commands and Simulating With Laws)

  4. Now, use the compass and the Shift key to move CRIC_BRANCH_1.1.

    Refer to Moving Constrained Components Using the Compass

  5. Select the compass manipulation handle and drag it onto CRIC_BRANCH_1.1
    Now, if you press and hold down the Shift key, select v/z axis on the compass, then drag and drop the component up and down, you can see that three components are moving. This is an example of what you can get:

  6. Now, click Simulation with Commands I_UseCmdP2.gif (253 bytes) again.

    Note: the last command value was: 30.000

    The command value is automatically calculated with respect to the new position.
    The command value becomes in our example: -47.8689

  7. Run your simulation again.

  8. Click Close.