Recording Positions

This task shows how to record positions of a kinematics mechanism.

Insert the KIN_EX17* .model files from the samples folder.
At least one kinematics mechanism must be active in the specification tree.

  1. Click Simulation I_TestandTryP2.gif (306 bytes).
    The Select dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select LANDING GEAR and click OK

    Kinematics Simulation and Edit Simulation dialog boxes appear. A Simulation object is created in the specification tree..

    Insert means that you record and insert positions inside the scenario.

    Note: the starting shot (initial position) is automatically recorded.

  3. Click the Insert button in the Edit Simulation dialog box


  4. Move the mechanism (using the manipulators or sliders, for example), then Click the Insert switch again.

  5. Record as many positions as necessary.

  6. Use the VCR buttons to replay the recorded positions.

This type of record can be used to simulate several mechanisms simultaneously.