Checking Mechanism Joint Limits 

This task consists in checking joint limits during a kinematics simulation.

Open the CHECKING_LIMITS.CATProduct document. Remember you set joint limits in the previous task 

  1. Click Simulation with Commands in the DMU Kinematics toolbar. The Kinematics Simulation -Mechanism.1 dialog box is displayed:

    If you work with V4 kinematics data, the Check Joint Limits option is available through the Kinematics simulation commands. (,)

  2. Select the Sensors check box.

  3. In the Sensors dialog box displayed set the check limits mode (click the appropriate option button). For instance set the stop mode

  4. Select the joints to be observed: Prismatic.2 and Revolute.3 (use the Selection tab and select the joints in the sensor list).

    Remember, you set limits on Prismatic.2:

    • Lower limit -10mm

    • Upper limit  10mm

    Note:  because a command is assigned to Revolute.3, the limits are necessarily set. The default values for angle limits are:

    • Lower limit -360deg

    • Upper limit  360deg

    The clash detection is available within the Sensors dialog box. 

  5. Click the History tab

  6. Manipulate the slider of the command or use the manipulators in the geometry area.

    Note: in direct manipulation context (using the manipulators) the simulation is stopped each time a limit is reached.

    In both cases (slider manipulation or direct manipulation), the comments column is updated each time a limit is reached.

  7. Select Clear if needed.

  8. Click Close to exit the command.