Leaving Simulation in Modified Position

This task shows the impact of leaving simulations in modified position

Open the Jack.CATProduct document

In our sample document, there is only one mechanism. If you work with a product containing more than one mechanism, it is strongly recommended to select the mechanism you need before starting the simulation with commands.

  1. Click Simulation with Laws I_UseCmdP2.gif (253 bytes). The Kinematics Simulation dialog box is displayed.

  2. Run your simulation and stop at 4.75  

  3. Click .Note: the new position is kept. 

  4. Click Simulation with Commands I_UseCmdP2.gif (253 bytes). As you changed the time parameter (used to define the command value) while simulating with laws, the command value (47.5000) changed with respect to the law.

  5. Move the slider up to the end.

  6. Exit the Simulation With commands. Click Close. The position is kept as shown below:

  7. Click Simulation with Laws I_UseCmdP2.gif (253 bytes).There is a  jump to the command value corresponding to the last time parameter which is 4.750
    The command value is automatically recalculated with respect to the law and the time parameter

  8. Run your simulation again

  9. Click Close when satisfied