Managing Annotations Display

Mirror Annotations: click this icon, the reversed annotations are mirrored.
  Disable/Enable Annotations: select annotations to be disabled and/or enabled. 
Filter Annotations: click the icon and specify the filter options.
Create a Tolerancing Capture: click the icon to create the capture.
  Naming a Tolerancing Capture: name or rename the capture.
Display a Tolerancing Capture: right-click a capture and select Display Capture command from the contextual menu to display the capture.
  Manage Hide/Show in Captures: manage the visibility status of part instances in products and all types of bodies and geometrical sets in parts.
Manage Tolerancing Capture Options: set capture options.
  Use the Capture Management: right-click one or several annotations and select Capture Management command from the contextual menu.
  Manage 3D Annotations in 3D XML Files: manage 3D Annotations in 3D XML files.
  Propagating Geometry Selection for Feature Creation: automatically propagate geometry selection corresponding to the same surface.