Disabling/Enabling Annotations

This task shows you how to disable and/or enable the annotations. 
Open the Annotations_Product_04.CATProduct document.
  1. Click List Annotation Set  Switch On/Switch Off  in the Visualization toolbar.

The Annotation Set Switch On/Off dialog box is displayed.

You can see the list of product references contained in the current document:

  • In a CATPart document, the CATPart itself.

  • In a CATProduct document or a CATProcess document, all the product references contained. The active component is not taken into account.


For each product reference are displayed:

  • The Part Number.

  • The model type.

  • The list of annotation sets.

  • The number of instances.

  • The disable/enable status.



  • The Enable or Disable buttons affect the selected product references in the dialog box list.

  • The Enable All or Disable All buttons affect all the product references in the document.

  1. Click Annotation_Part_04 then the Disable button.

  1. Click Apply in the dialog box.

The annotations are disabled in the geometry.

The specification tree no longer displays them.

  1. Click Annotation_Part_04 then the Enable button.

The annotations are enabled in the geometry.

  1. Click OK.