Managing Tolerancing Capture Options 

This task shows you how to manage tolerancing capture options in existing capture.
Open the Annotations_Part_05.CATPart document.
  1. Double-click the Initial State capture.

    You are now in the Tolerancing Capture workshop.
    • The geometry and specification tree are displayed according to the capture definition.
    • Initial State capture is underlined in the specification tree indicating the capture edit mode.
  2. Select in the Camera combo box the Camera03.

    A camera is associated with the capture.
    Note that you can re-use cameras created in the document with another workbench.
    See Creating a Tolerancing Capture.
    Note that you can re-use cameras created in the document outside this workshop.
  1. Click the Clipping Plane icon

    A clipping plane is associated with the capture.
  2. Click the Active View State icon , to associate the current annotation plane with the capture.

  1. Click the Current State icon  and exit the workshop.

    From now, all the new annotations or annotation planes will be associated with this capture while it is activated, even if you exit the edit mode.
    This option is also available by right-clicking a capture in the Functional  Tolerancing and Annotation workbench and selecting Set Current or Unset Current commands from the contextual menu.
    You can associate annotations and/or an annotation plane to one or several captures without edit them.