Getting Started

  If you have generated parts in Sketcher and Part Design you generated parts, you can now learn how to finish your design by assembling the parts using the Assembly Design workbench.

Before we discuss the detailed instructions for using the Assembly workbench, you need to follow the instructions as you progress. The following scenario aims at giving you a feel for what you can do with an Assembly document.

  The Getting Started section is composed of the following tasks:

Entering Assembly Design Workbench and Opening a CATProduct Document
Fixing a Component
Inserting an Existing Component
Setting Constraints Between Components
Moving Constrained Components Using the Compass
Adding and Renaming a New Component
Designing a Part in an Assembly Context
Editing a Parameter
Replacing a Component
Analyzing Assembly Constraints
Reconnecting a Broken Constraint
Detecting Clashes
Editing a Component
Exploding the Assembly

This scenario should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Eventually, the assembly looks like this: