Detecting Clashes

This task shows you how to detect possible clashes between two components.
1.  Select CRIC_BRANCH_1.1 in the specification tree.
2.  Select the Analyze > Compute Clash... command.

The Clash Detection dialog box appears. It displays the first component selected for computing possible clashes.

3.  As you need another component, select SUB_PRODUCT2 using the Ctrl key.

This component also appears in the dialog box.

4. Click Apply to compute clashes.

The application detects a clash between the brown cylinder and the red face. This is indicated by two red circles in the geometry, as the arrow shows in the figure below:

The result of the computation also appears in the dialog box.
5. Click Cancel to close the dialog box.

Well, now that you know that your assembly needs to be modified to work properly, let's edit the cylinder.