Replacing a Component

This task shows you how to replace Sub_Product1.CATProduct by another component.
1.  Select Sub_Product1.CATProduct in the specification tree.
2.  Click the Replace Component icon in the Product Structure Tools toolbar.
3.  In the dialog box that appears, select Sub_Product2.CATProduct as the replacement component and click Open.

The Impacts on Replace dialog box is displayed:

4. Check Yes to replace all instances of the selected element and click OK to confirm.
Sub_Product1.CATProduct is no longer visible. This is Sub_Product2.CATProduct:

If necessary update the document.

Note that the coincidence constraint is maintained. This is due to the publication of the axis used in the constraint definition. As the axis is a published element, the application can reconnect the constraint.

Conversely, the contact constraint is broken. You can know how to reconnect it later.