Editing a Parameter

This task shows you how to edit the diameter of the pocket belonging to CRIC_BRANCH_3. You can see how this editing affects the part you created in the previous task.


Double-click CRIC_BRANCH_3 to access the Part Design workbench.

Select Pocket.2 and use the Pocket.2 object > Edit Parameters contextual command to display the associated parameters.

3.  Double-click D11 in the geometry area to display the Constraint Edition dialog box.
4.  Enter 20 as the new diameter value and click OK to generate the new pocket.

5. Update Product1 by double-clicking on Product1 in the specification tree.
The pocket is modified accordingly. The coincidence previously set between the two parts is maintained.

This result is made possible thanks to the option Keep link with selected Object you set at the very beginning of the scenario.