task target This section describes how to customize settings for Machining.

Before you start your first working session, you can customize the settings to suit your working habits. Your customized settings are stored in permanent setting files: they will not be lost at the end of your session.

Other tasks for customizing your Machining environment are documented in the NC Manufacturing Infrastructure User's Guide:

Build a Tools Catalog
Access External Tools Catalogs
PP Word Syntaxes
NC Documentation
Workbenches and Tool Bars

scenario 1. Select Tools > Options from the menu bar: the Options dialog box appears.
2. Select the Machining category in the tree to the left. The options for Machining settings appear, organized in tab pages.

3. Select the tab corresponding to the parameters to be customized.
Parameters in this tab... Allow you to customize...
General general settings for all Machining products
Resources tooling, feeds&speeds and resource files
Operation machining operations
Output PP files and NC data output
Program manufacturing programs (sequencing, and so on)
Photo/Video material removal simulation 
4. Set these options according to your needs.
5. Click OK to save the settings and quit the Options dialog box.

end of task