NC Manufacturing Review Toolbars

The NC Manufacturing Review workbench includes several icon toolbars.

The NC Review Management toolbar is specific to this workbench and contains the following commands for managing the review.

Import APT, Clfile or NC code
See Import NC Data.
Read Manufacturing Data from a V4 Model
See Browse Version 4 NC Mill model
or Browse Version 4 NC Lathe model.
Associate Output NC File to a Program
See Associate APT to an NC Mill program 
or Associate APT to an NC Lathe program. 

The other toolbars are common to all NC workbenches. The commands of these toolbars are documented in the NC Manufacturing Infrastructure User's Guide.

The Manufacturing Program toolbar contains the following commands for creating part operation and manufacturing program entities.

See Part Operation
See Manufacturing Program

The NC Output Management toolbar contains the following commands for reviewing different types of NC output. 

See Tool Path Replay and Simulation
See Tool Path Computation in Batch Mode
See Tool Path Computation in Interactive Mode
See Batch Queue Management
See Documentation Generation
Screen capture for associating a JPEG image to an activity (that is, part operation, manufacturing program,  machining operation, and so on).

During NC Documentation generation, an IDL interface can be called in order to read the image associated to the activity. A URL link must be made from the HTML documentation to the image in order to retrieve it in the generated HTML documentation.

The Auxiliary Commands toolbar contains a number of commands for various tasks.

Import/List Tools
See procedure for searching tools described in Select or Create a Tool.
Import/List Tool Assemblies
See procedure for searching tool assemblies described in Import Tool Assemblies from a Catalog or Database.
Replace Tools
See procedure described in Replace Tools.
For the selected operation the Activity Selection sub-toolbar offers a choice between:
  • No Display of Tool Path or Geometry
  • Displaying Tool Path
  • Display Geometry.
Display Status of Selected Activities
Allows display of activity status in tree. This command is available when the Update Activity Status Automatically check box is not selected in the Tools > Options > Machining > General tab.
Synchronize Process
See methodology dealing with NC Synchronization in Manufacturing Hub Context.
Process Table
See procedure dealing with Process Table.
Gantt Chart
This command is available for machines that have multiple turrets.

For machining operations that use part and check surfaces, you can choose to show or hide that geometry using commands of the Hide/Show Geometry toolbar as follows:
  • Hide/Show part elements
  • Hide/Show check elements

The Machining Features toolbar gives access to the Manufacturing View.

See Manufacturing View.