Browse a V4 NC Mill Model

task target This task shows you how to browse a V4 NC Mill Model in the NC Manufacturing Review workbench.
task target No sample is delivered for this scenario: you can use any CATProduct similar to the one shown below. It must be a CATProduct that includes one or more V4 models with NC Mill sets.
scenario 1. Enter the NC Manufacturing Review workbench and click Read Manufacturing Data from a V4 Model . The following dialog box appears.

2. Navigate to the desired CATProduct and click Open. 
3. If the CATProduct includes more than one V4 model, the following dialog box appears.

Select the desired V4 model and click OK.

4. The Select NC Mill Sets dialog box appears showing the list of NC Mill sets in the selected model in the left-hand column.

Use the arrow buttons to move the NC Mill sets to be processed to the right-hand column. One or more sets can be selected and ordered using the arrow buttons. Click OK.

A progression bar appears giving the status of the NC Mill set and machining operation being processed.

The selected NC Mill set is added to the Process List at Part Operation level. The PPR tree is updated with the manufacturing information of the selected NC Mill set.

A program V4 Program.1 containing all the machining operations and tool changes of the NC Mill set is added at Manufacturing Program level. 

    A product Product1 is created and associated to the selected NC Mill set.

All tools referenced in the NC Mill set are added to the Resources List.

  5. Double-click the Part Operation entity in the PPR tree to access the Part Operation editor. Use the editor:
  • to associate a machine to the Part Operation
  • to associate a stock to the Part Operation. This is useful if you want to do material removal simulation at a later stage (that is, once NC data has been associated to the V4 program).
6. Double-click a machining operation in the program to browse its properties. Please refer to Browse a V4 NC Mill Operation for more information.

end of task