DMU Kinematics Simulator Menu Bar

Here we will present the various menus and menu commands that are specific to DMU Kinematics Simulator Version 5.

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 Tasks corresponding to General menu commands are described in the DMU Version 5 Infrastructure User's Guide.


For... Description...
Undo Cancels the last action.
Redo Recovers the last action that was undone.
Paste Special
Performs cut
paste and
special paste operations.
Delete Deletes selected geometry.
Search Allows searching and selecting objects.
Links Manages links to other documents.
Properties Allows displaying and editing object properties.



For... See...
New Mechanism Creating a Mechanism and Revolute Joints
New Joint Creating a Mechanism and Revolute Joints

About Joints

Designing Joints With Assembly Constraints

Designing Joints Without Assembly Constraints

Fixed Part Defining a Fixed Part
Simulation Recording Positions
Clash Detecting Interferences
Distance Detecting Distances
Existing Component Entering the DMU Navigator Workbench and Selecting Models



For... See...
Generate Video DMU Fitting documentation
Generate Replay



For... See...
new Gantt Chart Window Displaying Gantt Chart in DMU Fitting User's Guide
Camera Window



See Using Camera Capabilities in DMU Navigator User's Guide