Creating a Mechanism 
and Revolute Joints

This task shows how to create a kinematics mechanism to use in DMU Kinematics Simulator Version 5.

aprereq.gif (1223 bytes)

Open the rods.CATProduct document.

  1. Make sure you work in Design mode (select the product in the tree, then select Edit > Representations > Design Mode).  If the menu item cannot be selected, right-click product1 in the specification tree.

  2. Click Revolute Joint I_RevoluteJntP2.gif (246 bytes) in the Kinematics Joints toolbar. The Joint Creation: Revolute dialog box is displayed.

  3. Click the New Mechanism.

    The Mechanism Creation dialog box is displayed:

    This dialog box lets you enter a meaningful name for the mechanism. Click Ok when done.

    ainfo.gif (980 bytes)

    You can also create a new mechanism selecting Insert > New Mechanism... from the Menu bar.

    Keep the default name Mechanism.1.

    The Mechanism is identified in the specification tree.

    Now you need to select two lines and two planes.

  4. Select Line 1 in the geometry area. Select a cylinder as shown below:

    creatingmechanism02.gif (5284 bytes)

    The dialog box is automatically updated with your selection.

  5. Select Line 2 in the geometry area. Select a second cylinder.

    creatingmechanism03.gif (4970 bytes)

    The dialog box current selection field is automatically updated.

  6. Select the planes as shown below:

    creatingmechanism06.gif (4892 bytes)

    The Current selection field is automatically updated.

    The specification tree is updated.

  7. Click Ok.

  8. Proceed in the same manner to create other joints

Do not forget to define a command and at least one fixed part within your mechanism.