Simulating with Commands

This task will show you how to run a kinematics simulation with commands.

Open the Jack.CATProduct document

In our sample document, there is only one mechanism. If you are working with a product containing more than one mechanism, it is strongly recommended to select the mechanism you need before starting the simulation with commands.

  1. Click Simulation with Commands . The Kinematics Simulation dialog box appears:

    akeypt.gif (932 bytes)

    Note: the state of the dialog box depends on your settings (expanded or not)


    The command of the kinematics mechanism is available.

  2. Manipulate the slider of the command.

    The corresponding part of the kinematics mechanism moves accordingly.

    If you click the morebutton.gif (1071 bytes) button, the Kinematics Simulation dialog box expands.
    By default, the Immediate option is set.
    For more information about the On request option, refer to Simulating on Request

    You can use the slider, enter a value or manipulate the geometry directly to achieve the same result.

  3. If you set joint limits, select the Activate Sensors check box. In the Sensors dialog box, set the Check Limits option and run your simulation again. Notice the information about limits appear in the comments field from the History tab.

    For more information, refer to Using Sensors

    Note:  if you are working with a V4 mechanism, the Check Joint Limits check box is available in the Kinematics Simulation dialog box, read Checking Mechanism Joint Limits and Simulating With Commands

    Setting a command value

    You can set a command value:

    • directly in the spin box or,

    • by clicking on the button opposite the command and entering values in the displayed pop-up.

  4. (Optional) Change the command value (if you use the above dialog box, do not forget to click Ok when done).

  5. Click Close to confirm your operation.

    By default, the new position is kept when exiting the simulation commands (Simulation with Commands and Simulating with Laws)

    To swap to the initial position, click :

You cannot record your simulation within the Simulation with Commands. You can record simulations within the Simulation command (refer to Recording Positions).