Setting Joint Limits

This task consists in setting joint limits. 

Limits for joints which can be assigned commands are always set. Those limits are used in kinematics simulation context (refer to Simulating With Commands)

Open the SETTING_LIMITS.CATProduct document.

  1. Double-click Revolute.3 in the specification tree.

    The Joint Edition: Revolute.3 dialog box appears:

    Because a command is assigned to Revolute.3, the limits are necessarily set. The default values for angle limits are:

    • Lower limit -360deg

    • Upper limit  360deg

    For length command types limits, the default values are the following (for Prismatic joints, etc.)

    • Lower limit -100mm

    • Upper limit 100mm

    Remember you can at any time change the unit using Tools>Options> Parameters and Measures> Units...

  2. Click Cancel to exit the Joint Edition dialog box.

    You are going to set limits on the prismatic joint which has not been assigned any command.

  3. Double-click Prismatic.2 in the specification tree.

    The Joint Edition: Prismatic.2 dialog box is displayed.

  4. Check the Lower and Upper limit buttons and enter the required values:

    • -10mm

    • 10mm

  5. Click Ok to confirm your operation.
    You are ready to run a simulation checking the limits.