Simulating On Request

This task shows how to perform a simulation on request.

Open the Jack.CATProduct document

In our sample document, there is only one mechanism. If you work with a product containing more than one mechanism, it is strongly recommended to select the mechanism you need before starting the simulation with commands.

  1. Click Simulation with Commands I_UseCmdP2.gif (253 bytes).The Kinematics Simulation dialog box is displayed.

  2. Click morebuttonNLS.gif (1134 bytes).The command of the kinematics mechanism is available as shown below.

    By default, the Immediate option is set
  3. Select the On Request option button.

  4. Enter a precise value for the command. For instance 20.

  5. Enter the number of steps you need, 20 for example.

  6. Click Play Forward . The corresponding parts of the kinematics mechanism move accordingly at each step.

  7. Click Close to confirm your operation.

    You need to click before leaving the simulation with commands to go back to the initial position.

    By default the new position is kept when exiting the simulation commands (Simulation with Commands and Simulating With Laws)
    (keep in mind, in Simulation with Laws you need to click the Start button to jump to the initial position)

    For more detailed information, see Leaving Simulation in Modified Position and Simulating After Having Moved  Constrained Components

If there are commands, change at least one command value. You can modify the values of one or more commands for each motion.