Working with External Systems

Importing Electrical Specifications to Design the 3D Implementation

To complete the electrical process from end to end, CATIA Electrical products can import electrical specifications from various data repository. It is possible to manage links to map electrical devices positioned in 3D to any format of electrical specifications (textual, list, 2D schematics). This can be done at various steps of the process (from functional or logical information) to insure the reliability and integrity of the 3D implementation of your electrical systems.

Moreover, in Electrical Wire Routing, the connectivity information (wires or signals) can also be imported in this manner.

You can either use the import from external data mechanism or the integration with Electrical System Functional Definition.

These functionalities are only available in the Electrical Assembly Design workbench.

Thanks to the selective loading capabilities, you can work with the cache activated.
refer to Selective Loading in Electrical Products.

Make sure the CATIA options are properly set up:

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