Placing Internal Splice from Catalog

This task shows how to place internal splices by drag-and-drop from a catalog.
aprereq.gif (1223 bytes) The document must contain at least:
  • A geometrical bundle with bundle segments and components at their extremities
  • A system.
  1. Click Smart Place .

    The Catalog Browser displays.

    If necessary, navigate to select the ElecIntegration.catalog using the Browse another catalog button .
    The ElecIntegration.catalog is located in: .../online/cfysm_C2/samples/ElectricalIntegration/
  2. Select the internal splice you want to place.

  3. Drag and drop it onto the bundle segment.

  4. Move then click to place the internal splice.

    The Internal Splice Placement window opens. You can modify the Offset in this field.
  5. Click OK when you are satisfied.

    The specification tree is updated:
  6. Click Close when you are done.

The graphical representation respects the following characteristics:

It is made of three circles representing a light sphere, based on the diameter of the bundle segment:

The center of the sphere is the exact position of the internal splice, taking into account the offset.

The graphical representation is updated in the following cases:

  • When the bundle segment diameter is modified:
  • When the splice position is modified (offset value):
  • When a routing is performed, leading to a modification of the bundle segment diameter, the circle diameter of the splice is updated.

Note that double-clicking its representation does not edit the internal splice.