What's New?            

New Functionality

Adding Light Protective Coverings
Allows you to instantiate a new type of protective covering for bundle segments. For main differences with regular protective coverings, see Instantiating Protective Coverings.

Enhanced Functionalities

Editing bundle segments
Allows you to select a bundle segment even if it is covered with a protection.
Arranging Bundle Segments in Supports
Allows you to maintain the orientation of the bundle segments with respect to the support even if the support is moved. Rotating the support and orienting it in any direction keeps the arrangement relative to the new support position
Status of the electrical connections when linking and unlinking
Allows you to view the status of the electrical connection when linking and unlinking bundle segments.
Creating a New Multi-Branchable Document and First Branch
New construction mode allows you to compute the bundle segment length from the centreline curve with a fixed minimum bend radius.
Electrical Package in Knowledge Expert
New rules and attributes are added to the electrical knowledge dictionary.

Customizing Settings

Electrical Harness Installation
New setting improves user experience by highlighting potential issues with segment geometry.