Working with Branches in a Multi-branchable Document

You can create and organize your harness assembly in branches in multi-branchable documents.
  About multi-branchable documents

Create a multi-branchable document and first branch: click Multi-Branchable Document and set parameters in the Branch Definition dialog box.


Add a new branch: Click Branch Definition and set parameters in the Branch Definition dialog box.

  Edit a multi-branchable document or one of its components: explains what to select to edit a branch or a bundle segment.
  Create more than one multi-branchable document per geometrical bundle: clear dedicated option Work with one multi-branchable per geometrical bundle before creating multi-branchable documents.
  Create multi-profile branches: use the different profile types to give your bundle segments a more accurate shape and volume.
  Compute flexible bundle segments: use the FLEX algorithm to give your bundle segments a more realistic behavior that reflects bundle segment stiffness.
  Branches in V5R12 onwards: explains how documents containing branches created in V5R10/R11 are managed.
  Deleting Unused Elements: select Tools > Delete Useless Elements...


You need to launch an electrical workbench to display the branches belonging to a multi-branchable document. They are not visible if your are not in an electrical context (for example in Product Structure workbench).