Adding a New Branch


This task shows you how to add a new branch.
The Multi-Branchable sample is still open. A multi-branchable document has been created and the first branch has been defined.
You are in Electrical Harness Installation (Part workbench). Nothing is selected in the geometry.
Ensure that the dedicated bundle segment create option (Work with one multi-branchable per geometrical bundle) is selected.
  1. Click Branch Definition .

    The Branch Definition dialog box opens allowing you to define a second branch: Branchable2
    Change the value of the parameters if needed and route the bundle segment.
    OK and Apply are now available.
  2. Click OK to validate.

    Branchable2 is created as well as the geometry (ElecRouteBody.2 and Body.3).
Note that if you click Cancel in the Branch Definition dialog box, Branchable2 is deleted from the specification tree as well as the geometry.

If you did not define the geometry and route of the first branch when you created the multi-branchable document, the system edits the first branch and does not add a new branch.