in V5R12 Onwards

This task explains how documents containing branches created in V5R10/R11 are managed:
  • These branches are edited as in the previous versions.
  • You will be able to add other branches to such documents as if they were originally multi-branchable documents.

Editing a Branch

Open a document containing branches created in V5R10 or V5R11.
  1. Select a branch.

  2. Click Multi-Branchable Document .

    The Branch Definition dialog box opens allowing you to edit the branch selected.

  3. Click OK to validate.

Adding a Branch

Open a document containing branches created with V5R10 or V5R11.
Nothing is selected in the geometry.
  1. Click Multi-Branchable Document .

    A branch is created and the dialog box opens allowing you to define the parameters:
    The Branchable document becomes a multi-branchable one (although its name is not changed by the application) and the new branch is created under this one.
  2. Define the route then validate.

Note that if you click Cancel in the bundle segment definition dialog box, Branchable2 is deleted from the specification tree as well as the geometry.
The single bundle segments (those created since V5R7) do not behave the same way: It is only possible to edit or modify their route, but not to add either branch points or branches.