Feature Dictionary: Creating Classes and Attributes

The feature dictionary editor allows you to create, delete and manage object classes. Object classes are classifications under which you create various objects, like components, for storing in the catalog. You may, for instance, want to have several object classes under valve_function, one of them being check_valve_function, and create various types of check valve functions under the class. Each of these check valve functions can have one or more physical parts under it. The physical parts are linked to the function in a mapping table called the Function Physical Mapping table in order to become available in the Class Browser during parts placement.

In addition to that documentation, you may want to learn how to define class names in a CATfct file.

Also refer to the Understanding Project Resource Management.

If you choose to delete the sample CATfct file provided with this application and create a new one then any resource that uses attributes or subclasses will be unusable. You will need to create a new parts catalog, for instance, and add new parts in it.

You will not have this problem if you use the sample CATfct file to add classes to. You will learn more about these in this section.

Starting the Feature Dictionary Editor
Creating a New Object Class
Adding Properties to an Object Class
Defining Discrete Values for a Property
Generating a Report
Creating a New Feature Dictionary
Managing Colors
Opening a Reference Dictionary
Mapping the Functional Physical Classes
Defining User Names for Classes and Attributes
Comparing Feature Dictionaries
Opening a Document Without CATfct File